Welcome to the Merchant Adventurers Guild.

Founded centuries ago by four famous adventurers who's names have been lost to time, the once great Merchant Adventurers Guild has fallen on hard times, forced out of its Ancient Guildhall through incompetence and bad luck the Guild now has only a small presence in the frontier village of Adventurers Hollow, a far cry from its once influential position. 

You are the latest initiates of the Guild, your backgrounds vary but all of you have joined up to become Merchant Adventurers! Precisely what this means is for you to judge, will you restore the guild to its former glory, living up to the ideals of its charter, or will you just be another sorry footnote in its long history.

Whilst the glory days of the guild are in the past, some still remember and occasionally requests for adventurers are received. When this happens a Quest is added to the Noticeboard with the contract information. A Time, Date, Location and the number of adventurers required will be included. To sign up for the adventure add your name to the Quest Notice.

The few records that survived the move to Adventurers Hollow are looked after by Archivist and current Guild Leader Davkas Gellantara.